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How to contact escorts and be successfully at it!

Ok I'm not the best writer so please forgive me if I don't put the commas in the correct spots. I'm going to try my best. I'm just going to tell you my thoughts on how to have successfully first email or phone contacts with most escorts, not all but most.

The first thing to understand is when contacting either male or female escorts you are not contacting a free dating service. There is the customer(yourself) and then there is the Business(the male or female escort). If I go into any very busy business and try to start up random off topic or not direct conversation such as:


"what u up to tonight"

"what u wearing"

"u horny"

"I'm horny"

"u free" (free for what?)

"it's cold"

"its' hot"

etc etc.

Imagine going into a Star bucks or Mcdonalds at peak hours and shooting off non straight to the point would never do that, no one would take you seriously and would think of you as a "time waster" When calling an escort you may be hung up on in the first 5 seconds. Have you ever been hung up on abruptly? Maybe they screened you as a time waster.

But how could someone screen you as a time waster in only 5 seconds? Imagine part of your businesses is dealing with literally 1000's of calls,texts and emails from people of different backgrounds, ages, people who may not have english as their first language, people from rural areas or big cities,west coast accents vs east coast accents, pushy people , rude people , young , old, people who use a lot of slang in their conversation or people who converse in an educated manner. This is really what many escorts have on the job training in is dealing with a diverse group of people through direct voice, text or email contact. They quickly learn to build an internal database of who is a "time waster". Once they have determined this person , who may speak,text,or email in a certain way, then any one word may trigger their senses and they will cut you off from doing business with them.

So what is the best way to contact an escort?

Don't use slang in your conversation. Don't use it in text,email or phone. Slang is the best way to signal you may be uneducated, rough, maybe you won't understand instructions or follow directions. it is not attractive trait in this instance.

Use clear classy speech. Be direct with minimal words that don't distract from what you want.

Look at the difference between these 2 below:


1) Hey, what u up to? you want to go for a drink?

(uncertainty of what the person wants, does he know he is calling a business? Does he know he has to pay? When , where , what time, how are we going.)


2)Hello my name is David. I will be in town at 9:30. I saw your ad (here) and you look amazing. Can you let me know your rates to take you for a drink at (location perhaps), I will pickup and drop off.

(Clear, lets me know David understands this is a business not a dating service, he is organized , knows where he wants to go, he let me know the source where he found me,he is taking initiative to arrange transportation, not much left to do on my end).


Now lets put that same scenario towards a visit.

1) Hey , what u up to, u watch the game, what u wearing, I'm so horny can I come over?

(So much uncertainty and time being wasted. No name given, very unsure if person understands he is calling a business not a dating service or tinder date. Random short questions that require one to ask him more questions to see if he understands who he is calling. Flagged for sure as "time waster" This most likely will be a fail contact with 80% of professional escorts.)


2)Hello (escort name) my name is David. I am a 40 yr old white, brown ,black male. I saw your ad on (location). I am flying into (city) and will be downtown at 9pm. You are beautiful and I would love to arrange a meeting. Will you be available for an hour at 9pm? I read your ad and see your rate is($) which is fine.

(This tells me David is educated enough to understand how to follow directions, he has stated my name,told me a little about himself, he has told me his source of my contact,he has told me his itinerary so I can decided whether I will be free at that time and he has told me he understands there is a transaction involved so I understand he doesn't think this is a free date. The contact was clear and free of slang and the person showed he has done a little research about me which shows I am not just a bunch of random ads he is calling because he is bored). This will most likely be a successful contact with 90% of professional escorts.

I will write more on this later when time allows.